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Do you ever hear about May Chang or Talauma

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Do you ever hear about May Chang or Talauma or Maqaw?

Do you ever hear about May Chang or Talauma 2.-Maqaw-May-Chang

What are they used for?
Let discover the special spices!
What is May Chang?
Maqaw (or also known as May Chang) is scientifically known as Litsea Cubeba, belonging to the Lauraceae family. This is an evergreen tree, 5-12m high, usually growing in mountainous areas. It is native to Southeast Asia and China.
The tree usually blooms in the spring and summer and get harvested during July-August. Its fruit is green and then turns black upon its ripe. The fruit size is similar to pepper, as such it is also called mountain pepper.
Uses of May Chang
This fruit contains a lot of essential oil and is used as a spice thanks for its extremely attractive scent. Its aroma has a strange impact with great combination of aroma of lemon, lemongrass, ginger and mandarin as well.
Just add a little Maqaw to any dish, it immediately smells. The taste of Maqaw is less intense and spicy than chili and regular pepper, it can be easily applied to a variety of dishes from baked ones to desserts.
Bring consumers the best and healthiest spices
In Vietnam, Doi, Maqaw, Mackhen and Macmat trees are grown naturally in hilly areas without any assistance from fertilizers or pesticides because these are trees native to the forest, so they grow very strongly.
The locals collect and dry their seeds and fruits and then sell them to Doispice. Our company stores and maintains them very carefully without using any preservatives in order to bring consumers the best and healthiest spices. - The address provide May Chang quality
Currently, the demand for buying spices in the mountains increases so much that the units supplying this item, the price is also very diverse.
Among them, the hardest to find is May Chang county. Most hunters are restaurants, cooks and gourmet housewives. Spices in the mountains thus suddenly became a "song" item, sought by thousands of people and thousands of people looking to sell.
So where do the typical Northwest spices buy? To answer this question, please visit, we have many years of seniority in providing woodseed seed, forest choke, forest bile, and many mountain specialties.
Contact us
If you have any question about May Chang or any other product, Please contact us:
Doispice ltd Company
Address: 40 Phung Hung, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 965 184 358
We will support to you!

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