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eCommerce Development

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For businesses and customers, Ecommerce has a very bright future. There are many challenges for businesses, but with the influence and the trend of becoming an important distribution channel, businesses cannot help but pay attention to the importance of e-commerce for businesses. and devote adequate resources of business to e-commerce development. So what is the benefits of Ecommerce? Let us research it!
The benefits of Ecommerce
Promote information and marketing to global markets at a low cost
With today's internet connectivity, you can easily deliver advertising information to millions of people from all over the world. Depending on the needs and financial ability to pay for the promotion, businesses need to have an appropriate advertising plan.
Better service for customers
With Ecommerce, you can provide catalogs, information, detailed price lists to customers quickly and conveniently, and online shopping has become easily disseminate so much ... In this day and age, digital life has pushed the pace of life up, customers increasingly require everything to be faster from product information, purchases, payments and the main. After-sales books, ...
Increase sales
With Ecommerce, your customers now no longer have limitations on geographical distance or working time. Therefore, each business reaches a large number of customers, increasing its revenue and profit.
Reduce costs
With Ecommerce, it will not cost too much for hiring shops, premises, waiters, ... Especially for export businesses, the costs incurred due to the distance may significantly reduced.
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The best Ecommerce Development Company
Data shows that five trends will dominate the ecommerce landscape this year. Each will provide greater sales for business, more competitive pricing for consumers, and greater opportunities for developers who can take the ecommerce ecosystem to the next level. Whether your company benefits from these changes depends on how well your business embraces them.
One of the best eCommerce Development we will talk that is Manifera. We are an outsourcing software development company with its headquarters in Singapore and a development office in Vietnam. On this basis, Manifera can provide its services at attractive prices, working with a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers in Vietnam. We provide our clients with Offshore Software Development teams and Custom Made Web, Mobile and Desktop Application Development.
As an outsourcing software company for the Netherlands, Singapore and the USA we help our clients with flexible up/down scaling of their software development capacities at best cost. This enables our clients to serve their clients in the best possible ways.
Why do you choose us?
Experienced Engineers
With our own team of experienced software developers and quality engineers, managed by a Western IT engineer and our long time experience working with European, American and Asian clients, Manifera is an attractive outsourcing partner for companies from all over the world.
Reliable And Trustworthy
Our services are provided in an environment based upon trust and mutual respect. As part of that we are transparent and clear on technical solutions and project status and progress.
High Quality
Our development process and experienced team of software developers and quality engineers, make sure that from the beginning of the project quality is embedded in your software application.
Due to our efficiency and our geographical location, your application will be developed at best-cost.
Contact Us
If you have any about the eCommerce Development. Please contact us:
Our office in Singapore:
100 Tras Street #16-01 100 AM Singapore 079027
Phone: +65 9853 2842
Our office in Vietnam:
Floor 5, 88 Bach Dang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone: (+84) 28 66522286
Our local partner in The Netherlands:
CloudsWork B.V. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
We are happy to advise and support you!

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